We teach the homeless film production skills from both sides of the camera...

What does VR & what will the show look like?
Click the play button then click & drag in the video or turn your phone while watching the video play...

Where did HUSTLIN' begin and where is it going?



Our team of film makers, producers and associates. We are Nyles Flagg: The Movie Trailer manufacturing machine who supervised the making of the TRANSFORMERS, AVENGERS, and many more movie trailers. He designed award winning hard drive enclosures, built web hosting facilities in the Los Angeles area and is the creator of this project. Dorez Douglas: Comes from a non-profit background and taught film production and producing to many children. Willie Burton: Is a two time Oscar award winning sound mixer and producer. He has worked on many of the same major studio productions as Nyles in the past. Aside his career as a sound mixer, he is a freelance producer and director. Veronica Jones is the head of the department of sales and she is also the liason to our commercial sponsors. You most likely will speak to her!

Nyles Flagg

Program Director & Show Creator/Executive Producer

Dorez Douglas

Co-Exec Producer
School Program Director

Willie Burton

2 X's Oscar Award winning Sound Mix & Co-Exec Producer

Veronica Jones

Sponsor Liason